Get on the Ball – Get Strong & Stable Using a Swiss Ball


A fantastic book for anyone that wants to exercise effectively & safely on a ball. Hundreds of exercises are clearly explained. Progressions & regressions are included to ensure you meet the challenge right for you. Great for core strength, balance & function.

This exercise tool is great for individuals wanting to help themselves. It is also great for trainers wanting to add to their exercise tool box.



Kerrie has been exercising on Swiss Balls since the mid 1990’s. She has gained extensive knowledge and experience on correct and effective exercises using the ball. Hundreds of photos are depicted and explained throughout the book. The many benefits of exercising on a Swiss Ball are discussed.

Core Stability is explained with detailed instruction on correct activation of the essential core stabilisers, including the pelvic floor.

Function, strength and stability are the primary focus of the exercises. Progressions and regressions are suggested to allow every level of exerciser to work out on the ball. Additional exercise tools are incorporated into some exercises to add variety and further challenge the user. There is also a section on stretching using the ball.


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