Back Health & Core Stability


The intention of this book is to teach you the skills to alleviate common causes of back pain and dysfunction.

As you work through this book, you will learn techniques to release facilitated (tight) muscles, and activate those muscles that are inactive. You should find your core strength, posture, function, stability & mobility all improve, along with a reduction in recurring pain.

This exercise tool is great for individuals wanting to help themselves. It is also great for trainers wanting to add to their exercise tool box.

A must-have for anyone wanting to be in control of their back pain.



Do you have back pain? Sick of spending money on regular treatments? Nothing seems to have long term benefits?

Back Health & Core Stability is the book for you. A culmination of experience over the last 30 years, has resulted in this extremely successful tried-and-tested program for backs.

The book includes step-by-step photo demonstrations with detailed written explanations.

In the program you will learn how to:

  • perform specific stretches to release facilitated muscles, and therefore reduce chronic pain
  • alleviate back pain and dysfunction
  • strengthen specific core musculature that directly affect the back and pelvis
  • improve posture, function, balance, body awareness and muscle control
  • prevent further degeneration of your spine
  • improve back health and function
  • prevent injuries in your spine
  • decide what exercise needs to be done on any particular day.

There are a series of stretches and exercises given to you. Each exercise is given in a specific sequence. Progressing to the next level or exercise is discussed and explained.

Combinations of exercises are suggested at the end of the program and these can be done in a manner such that you establish a routine. By the end of the combinations you will have worked all muscles and can then confidently progress. 

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